Clients who are looking to execute banking transactions face an array of norms and challenges. The complicated legal landscape requires skilled lawyers who are able to anticipate the challenges and address relevant requirements. Our banking practice includes both transactions and banking litigation in Lebanon: In terms of transactions, we assist both lenders and borrowers in personal and commercial lending matters, including asset acquisitions, construction loans, mortgages and guarantees. This part of our practice includes the negotiation, review and drafting of promissory notes, loans and mortgage agreements and other related instruments. In terms of banking litigation, we represent clients in a variety of matters including banking disputes involving estates, loans, mortgages and transactions. We draw on our experience to help clients navigate, comply with and find solutions to most complex legal challenges, wherever and whenever they occur.

We can assist with:

  • Retail banking transactions and legal services
  • Banking regulation and compliance
  • Consumer credit issues and requirements
  • Modification of credit arrangements
  • Corporate lending
  • Acquisition and sale of distressed and “troubled” assets and entities
  • Real Estate
  • Project and Investment financings
  • Bankruptcies and judicial foreclosure sales
  • Effective guidance on banking secrecy and anti-money laundering laws and policies, International agreements in the area of banking and on Lebanese Money and Credit Code
  • Dispute resolution and litigation