Drafting and reviewing legal contracts is a task that our lawyers perform on a daily basis. When in the process of negotiating, reviewing or finalizing a contract that will affect you and your business, it is imperative to have an experienced contract lawyer on your side. Nasr Lawyers can swiftly address your concerns, provide legal advice specific to your situation and allow you to make certain that your agreement protects both your personal and business interests.

Major contract Services:

  • Personal Agreements include contracts that protect you in non-business related circumstances, including estate planning, loan agreements, prenuptial agreements or settlements, and real estate leasing or acquisition.
  • Purchase and Sale Contracts and Transfer Agreements legally transfer the ownership of assets to a new owner.
  • Employment Agreements state the terms of employment for an employee of a business; Independent Contractor Agreements cover specific non-employee tasks or projects.
  • Partnership and Shareholders Agreements state the legal terms under which a newly business will function.
  • Trademark License Agreements permit one party to use the intellectual property of another party, typically in exchange for a fee.
  • Joint Venture Agreements allow parties to pool their resources while confirming their rights within the venture.
  • Operating Agreements structure the internal financial and functional operations of a business.
  • Service and Consultancy Agreements identify the obligations and rights between a service business and its customers or clients.
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements legally protect trade secrets or data and other proprietary information from third parties or employees.
  • Merger Agreements state the terms between two or more companies that wish to combine into one company.
  • Franchise Agreements are¬†legal binding contracts between a franchisor and franchisee; their contents can vary significantly but they overall provide the investor with a product, a branded name, recognition, and a support system.